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Teacher Student Confession
Forbidden passion cost me my job. - By Monica

So here I am, thirty one, living in Florida with a wonderful caring man and finally no longer sexually repressed. It all started about a year ago, no wait, actually it started four years ago when I had been dating my then boyfriend, Sean for about a year and we had just moved in together. I thought life was great. We were having sex a couple times a week, went out on Friday and Saturday nights and we were in love or so I thought.

Now I am what we would now say a ‘full figure’ woman; not really fat but I have nice full hips with 38DD tits. They seem to stand out in front of me about a good foot so I always wore conservative large tops. I wore these because I was a high school teacher and you know how high school boys can be around a large breasted woman.

Anyway life was really good except I wanted to get married and have kids and after pressuring him he finally proposed. I thought wow great, finally we would settle down and life would begin. We had set a date tentatively but it always got pushed back again and again. I finally realized he was constantly stalling and I finally quit wearing his ring. We stopped discussing marriage and sex drifted off to almost non existent. One Tuesday I came home from work and the apartment was empty; Sean had cleared out and even took some of my stuff.

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teacher fucking student sex confession

I was shocked and horrified. I now had to make the entire rent payment that was due in a week and I was all alone. I sat and cried all night long. Come morning, still sleepy with my eyes puffy and red from crying, I pulled myself together and went to work. With bills coming due I could not afford to miss a day. I managed somehow to get through the day without totally losing it. Sixth hour was finally over and class was ending.

It was then when one of my senior students, Ryan, came up to me. He was quite mature and very handsome for a seventeen year old. With a concerned look in his eye he asked me if everything was all right. I was surprised at first that someone noticed and I broke down crying and told him what happened. He consoled me and told me that Sean must be a jerk or a loser for leaving such a wonderful person like that.

The next day before class began; he slipped a funny card on my desk to cheer me up. For the next few weeks he’d stop by and we’d chat like real friends. Eventually I gave him my personal e-mail address, even though it was against school policy. After a few weeks of e-mails, I added him to my Yahoo IM. We began chatting every night; one conversation led to another and it led to talking about sex and we began cybering. I knew it was wrong but he made me feel so special and sexy.

One evening after some serious flirting, he sent me a picture of his bare chest and asked me to send him some suggestive pictures. Deep down I knew it wasn’t right and that I shouldn’t but I grabbed my digital that weekend and took some pictures of me in my bikini and a couple in a baby doll. You really couldn’t see anything but for me it was still a lot. I almost didn’t send the pictures the next night; my mind said NO but my body and fingers said yes. I sat at my computer, hesitant then finally I pushed the send button and they were gone. It was too late now, my fate had been sealed and I didn’t even know it.

That night when he received my pics, he went on and on telling me how hot and sexy I was. He said my tits and ass looked incredible. He stroked my shattered ego, telling me how special I was. I was extremely turned and excited knowing he found me sexy. While we chatted he told me he was jacking off while he looked at my pictures. I couldn’t ignore my needs any longer and slipped my fingers into my panties and fingered my pussy. I dug my fingers in deep and rubbed my clit until I came with such a hard orgasm. It was one of the best in my life.

About four or five days later after my sixth hour class, the class that Ryan happened to be in; I asked him if he wanted to come by my house for dinner later. Eagerly he accepted. I reminded him that no one could see him come to my house and that dinner would be ready at seven. The rest of the day I was on pins and needles.

Once classes finished, I hurried home and got our spaghetti dinner started and drew my bath to get ready. I spent extra time primping, shaving my pussy smooth except for a pencil thin landing strip from the top of my clit up about two inches. I slipped on a sexy lacy black bra and matching panties and then a low cut short red dress that I had bought just for that night. I never dressed like that but for Ryan that night, I felt the desire to. Ryan true to his word parked a couple blocks away and walked around to my back door so he would not be noticed. I opened the door to let him in and immediately he could smell the homemade bread and fresh spaghetti sauce. There were candles lit on the table and even though he was a minor there was wine chilling.

He took one look at me and said, “Damn! You are stunning.” Then he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply and passionately. I responded back, wrapping my leg around him as we kissed. His hands cupped my ass as he pulled me forward pressing his thick hard dick into my body. We continued kissing and our bodies rubbed against each other. I held him close when one of his hands came up and grasped one of my large full tits. My nipple hardened from his touch, making my pussy flow with excitement, soaking my panties.

We stumbled out from the kitchen into the living room onto the couch; kissing, groping and fondling. He unzipped the back of my dress and pulled it down over my shoulders while I tugged at his zipper, trying to free his throbbing manhood that pressed hard into me. Ryan pulled up my bra allowing my large breast to fall free into his trembling hand where he sucked my tit into his mouth, swallowing my big round firm nipple, flicking his tongue all around it making me groan for more. I pulled his dick free and saw it was long and hard. I immediately gripped it in my hand and slowly stroked it; I desperately wanted it.

He laid me back on the couch and continued sucking on my tits; going from one to the other. His fingers rubbed my inner thigh as he worked his way up to my pussy. My panties were soaked; my juices ran down the crack of my ass and all I could think of was getting them off and getting that hard dick in my needy pussy. His mind was on the same track as mine because next he rubbed my panty covered pussy a couple times and went right for the waistband, pulling my panties down. My heel got caught on them as the first leg was freed and we didn’t even worry about the other leg. He quickly pushed his pants down, kicking his shoes off and he was naked from the waist down. He then pushed my dress up around my waist and he mounted me, thrusting his long hard dick deep.

He fucked me deep and hard, the tip of his dick hit the bottom of my pussy; a place no dick had ever been. I grabbed at his back and pulled his shirt off. He was now totally naked on top of me, his chest muscles flexed as he drove his hard dick into my pussy. My body was on fire as I rocked to take him deeper. His tanned muscular body was over top of my pale body; his muscles flexed as he pinched and pulled my big tits. I rocked into his thrusts when my pussy clamped onto his dick as it drove deep into my wanting cunt. My orgasm made my entire body tense up; my pussy flowed with juices like a river. I panted and begged for more. He heard me and gave it to me. His body slammed into mine with force over and over. My pussy gripped his dick tight and at that moment I felt the swell of his dick and the warm pulses of his cum as he began to fill me. Even then he did not slow and continued to fuck me hard making my orgasm last for what felt like an eternity.

He finally slowed his thrusts, his dick stayed hard and he smiled the most wonderful smile as he worked his dick and cum all around inside my pussy. With his chest covered in sweat, glistening in the lamplight, he leaned forward and kissed me passionately one more time. Smiling, I told him to follow me into the bedroom. I let my dress fall to the floor as I led the way and then removed my bra. I felt a thick glob of his cum run down the inside of my thigh and rubbed it into my skin with my fingers. He crawled into the bed where I pushed him onto his back. I got my first good look at that dick still hard; I sucked it deep into my mouth, savoring the taste of our combined juices. I crawled up and straddled him, rising up on my knees I forced his long tool into my pussy and began to ride him. He stared at the thin strip of hair on my pussy as it bounced up and down on his dick, my tits bounced as my pace quickened. He grabbed and pulled on them as I fucked his dick. I rode him hard when I began to cum again. I slowed down as my orgasm raged. He grabbed my ass and drove his dick up into my pussy as I ground down. I screamed and came hard and begged for more when his legs tensed and he came, filling my pussy once more.

Spent, I collapsed on top of his chest where we lay panting. I finally rolled off to his side and we stared at one other for a while. He then rolled me onto my back and climbed back on and he fucked me missionary. He drove his dick deep and hard, more for his pleasure than mine but all I did was cum the entire time his dick was in me. He must have cum four or five times that night before he left for his twelve o’clock curfew. I lay in bed in a glow of wonderment wondering when we could be together again.

The next morning when I got up it hurt to walk from being fucked so much but it was a good hurt; it was a pain I wanted more of. Ryan seemed quiet when we chatted online Sunday night and Monday at school he hardly talked to me. By Friday, rumors began to circulate around the school that I had sex with a student. At day’s end, I was called into the principal’s office. There the HR representative and the school attorney were waiting. I was given a stack of e-mails of Ryan’s and my conversations. Even though there was no proof that I had slept with him, it was apparent that I had broken school policy and the circumstances pointed to the fact that I had slept with a student.

I was given the option of resigning and keeping my teaching certificate, leave the district and never return or the embarrassment and humiliation of a public hearing and firing with the possibility of losing my certificate. I resigned and left town and moved to Florida. I have been here for about eight months and over the summer I have met the most wonderful man who has asked to marry me and soon I will be teaching as a substitute to keep me from seeing the same students every day and I am dressing sexier and am much happier than I ever have been.

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