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Ride Me
Trina finds a married riding partner. - by Trina

Years of hard living shortened Randy’s life enough.  It was made even shorter by the bad decision of a young driver.  He was on his way home when the car turned left in his path.  Bike Week, Sturgis, Key West, he’d done it all.  Thousands of miles on the open road.  Days were spent riding hard and the nights were spent riding harder with all twelve inches of his steel hot rod crammed into my greedy pussy or buried in my vice-tight ass.  Sometimes we were still glued together the next morning.

Now a solo act, I would climb into the saddle of my ruby red Dyna Glide and ride solo.  The vibration under my seat would hum.  I would imagine Randy’s skillful tongue probing my swollen clit.  Once, by the end of a 50 mile trip, I came three times.  The cream in my jeans left me so weak it made it tough to push the motorcycle into the pole barn.  Walking onto the porch I collapsed in the hammock, closed my eyes and imagined his warm lips wrapped around my nipple and the slick sensation of his prick in my mouth.  No way would I let myself surrender so completely to a lover least not a biker. He was my bad boy, my wild child, my everything.  Randy consumed me and I would continue to make surreal love with him every night never needing or wanting a living lover again.

After a long, hot, soapy shower I crawled into bed.  Pulling the cool, crisp sheets up around my fresh, naked form a rush of desire enveloped me.  His spirit was there and I wanted his unrelenting cock.  Rubbing my crotch it became moist.  One, two, three fingers were jammed into my aching pussy.  By pinching my nipple hard forceful jolts of ecstasy shot through me.  I was lunging close to a climax...unable to reach it.  Frustrated I rolled onto my stomach and onto my knees.  With fingers still playing with my frenzied clit I buried my face in the pillow freeing my other hand to penetrate my asshole.  I had to cum.  I would die if I did not find gratification with Randy’s ghost.  Thunder clapped outside the open bedroom window followed by the unmistakable sound of pounding summer rain.  Literally tearing at my pussy with one hand I forced my other fingers deeper into my yielding anus now dripping with butt broth.  Filling my hungry mouth with a fair share of the pillow the explosion began to rise from my raw, swollen, desperate pussy.

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Squirting juices drenched my hand spilling onto the bedding under me.  Still piercing my asshole another wave of overwhelming delight engulfed me.  I came even harder contemplating Randy’s cock being drained by the pulsing of my large, creamy ass cheeks.

Next morning, I was sore and badly needing a cup of coffee.  I stumbled past my laptop I noticed it was left on.  Flashing it’s familiar “You Got Mail” message I supposed my mother had sent her weekly “met any nice men lately?” query.  She could wait I thought moving through the house to the kitchen and returned ten minutes later with a piping mug of fresh caffeine. Mom’s email was waiting along with one from an unfamiliar address “Old Goat” and a fascinating subject line, “Ready to Ride...You?”  Feeling a grin I recalled my chat room profile mentioned my motorcycle.  Over the course of the last two months I had decided to play with erotic chat.  It was great fun to get people hot and bothered and remain anonymous.  The only sex I wanted was the self-administered kind and after a couple hours of depraved online exchanges there would be something stuck in my ass or my cunt, I would satisfy myself and get a good night’s sleep..

Over the next few weeks “Old Goat” kept trying.  He was funny, persistent and original.  His email described trips he had taken on his Ultra Glide and the adventures he experienced along the way.  Finally we agreed to meet at a diner down the street from my house. Sitting outside on the patio I slowly played with the straw in my sweet tea.  The unmistakably pounding of a two stroke filled the air as he down shifted to make the turn into the parking lot.  Greeting me with a quick hug he took a seat across from me smiling broadly.  We sat there for hours sharing stories and questions.  His pale blonde hair shone in the sunshine and his deep blue eyes sparkled when he laughed.  Tall and lean, he wore a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off exceptionally attractive biceps.  Mentioning he played hand ball and lifted weights occasionally it was tough to believe he was 62 years old.

We rode more than 100 miles through the scenic back roads of the countryside.

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At the top of the hill we saw a dirt road and took it into the valley.  Parking the bikes under a sprawling oak tree we spoke casually about his marriage. Bill was the only man Janet had ever been with and she was his only woman for a long time.  She never liked sex and after their second son Kevin was born she found no reason to have it anymore.  Bill dealt with his frustration through masturbation for the most part although he did bang the next door neighbor for a couple of years until she moved away.  After that, he had thought about having an affair with the secretary at the warehouse where he worked. She would corner him in a stockroom grabbing his nuts now and again.  Inviting him to her apartment was a daily ritual.  Finally he said yes ending up disappointed when she proved to be really lousy in bed.  He figured if he was going to cheat it would be with someone worth the risk.  Since then Bill gave up on taking a lover.  He would never leave Janet, what woman he got close to would accept that?

Walking down the gravel path to the river, he listened intently to my ghostly exploits with Randy.  The idea of my fingers tucked in my tight, wet holes was giving him a major hard-on but I tried not to let him know I saw it.

Along the bank there were smooth pebbles laced with sand..  Pines swayed along the shoreline across the way.  The breeze smelled sweet and clean.  Bill sat down on a large rock and removed his boots and socks.  Wading in the cool, clear water he motioned for me to join him.  My jeans clung to my thighs like wet gloves.  Moving further out the current began to tug at me.  The water lapped up against my breasts and the sensation of my nipples chilled my skin.  Bill curled his arms around my waist and slowly lifted me.  By then his own body was flushed with excitement.  Crickets chirped in rhythm to the pulsing of his fully erect member.  I tried to push away but he held on tight walking me toward the shoreline.  

It was dusk and fireflies began to dance on the tree branches that hung over the river.  The stillness mixed with the soft sighs of the summer breeze was intoxicating.  Laying me down gently in a patch of tall, green grass he reached for the buttons of my shirt.  One at a time he purposefully unfastened each one.  Kissing my neck and shoulders he moved slowly toward my erect left tit and then the right.  Eyes closed I moaned softly while nibbled each one as if they were ripe berries.  My wide hips began to thrust toward his rock of a cock.  His breathing became more rapid as he reached and unbuckled my belt and then his own.  Dropping his stovepipe denims to the pebbles and sand beneath us instinctively I reached for his huge muscle.  It felt thick and hot as the blood rushed to the head of it now bulging with passion and urgency.  My own bottoms were in a pile under me and I used them to cushion my knees. Opening my mouth wide soon his member was sliding easily down my throat slick with saliva.  He tasted really good as my tongue wrapped itself around he generous portion of meat.  Bill’s legs were trembling, with a hand on each of my shoulders he leaned on me encouraging me to take it all in. Ravenous I began to lick and suck forcing the salty, thick cum from his engorged balls into my mouth and down my hungry throat.  Cupping one hand around his balls, the other found his firm ass, his thrusts drove me wild.  Gulping, licking, moaning my head bounced back and forth against his curly pale blonde public hair.  His grip on my shoulders tightened.  I felt possessed by the urge to grind my teeth into his eager flesh.

Without warning Bill cried out as a flaming load of cum made its way like an eruption of molten lava over my lips and down my throat.  Holding on to his balls tightly the other hand found his bung hole where I quickly slid my finger.  Releasing my shoulder he grabbed my hair and pulled.  It caused me to throw my head back as the last shot of hot cum splashed over my face.  Falling backward I landed on the ground and he fell on top of me.  His mouth found my right breast and he bit down.  The intensity of his teeth buried into the soft flesh of  my tit caused staggering pleasure.  He had my panties off and tossed in the bushes.  But for the flicker of lightening bugs and the moonshine off the water, it was dark.  Bill had no trouble finding my soaking wet cunt clean shaven and quivering with anticipation.  Burying his face between the lips, his tongue rapidly slithered in and out.  My clit swelled with longing as he teased me with his thumb sliding around and into my hole.  My hands dug into the grassy earth beneath us s my hips lunged toward his face.  Lapping up the juices the sounds of his sloppy sucking drove me to spread wider wishing he could crawl inside and consume me.

The orgasm left me crying with a mix of relief and remorse.  Realizing fucking a ghost just couldn’t compare with Bill’s impassioned seduction, I wondered if Janet will sense he is fucking someone. Maybe she would be secretly thankful the pressure is off her. Bill rolled off and was on his back staring toward the sky.  Pulling his jeans back up, he handed me my blouse.  No words were spoken as we climbed the hill.  Reaching the bikes the silence hung like a huge clouds on starless night.  Both of us knew we were in trouble.  Years he had endured in a sexless union and the occasional extracurricular activity.  Coupled with my self-imposed celibacy ended with a moment of weakness we shared culminating in fuck session we were destined to repeat.  It may have been wrong for me and a married man to enjoy each other but the wicked satisfaction of our fleshfest far exceeded any concern about carnal sin.  Randy’s face would flash before me for the first few weeks after I met Bill but soon my solos featured Bill sporting a pile-driver ramming my insatiable twat. Cream would pour from my snatch and my teats pulsate as I envisioned Bill polishing my clit.  

Last week we rode to the city.  On 3rd Avenue there was an erotic shop. Inside eyes wide, Bill saw a wall covered with packaged pussy.  Soon we discovered the dicks.  We each made our choice and hurried back to my place for the test drives.  Unwrapping the vinyl cunt, Bill looked serious as he read the directions.  Giggling I remarked he knew how to fuck and suggested he plant his schlong in his toy hole and exercise his tongue on my love button.  The remote bullet I brought home was quickly stuffed in my honey pot excitedly wiggling the toggle control.

It took Bill a few tries to coordinate the manic motion of his ass and the action of his member sliding in and out of the supple twat toy.  His tongue rolled around the bald lips of my crotch.  The vibration generated by the bullet’s humming tickled his chin.  Thrashing wildly beneath his determined mouth I arched my back as the first wave of divine pleasure engulfed me.  Bill reached down to steady his toy.  Little grunts grew into gasps for breath as he tried to chew gently on my muff and ignore the buzzing bullet.  His load was incredible causing the store-bought twat to slip out from under his prick and sail across the sheets landing near my head.  By then he had let loose of my vagina altogether as the bullet finished me off.  Clenching the magic egg in my cunt the result was intense.  Absently reaching for the sheet under me I found the soppy object of Bill’s carnal desire moments before.  Moving it over my face I began sucking and felt it’s smooth surface covered with gobs of thick, luscious cum.  Bill slid his flaccid dick over my slick pussy thumping my slit soon he turned to stone and plunged his cock inside before I could remove my little enhancement.  The buzzing of the bullet caused my vagina to vibrate.  Bill used his muscle like a ramrod pounding me while I increased the speed and intensity of the orb’s movement.  My face was covered with his thick load.  He opened his mouth and delivered a hot, French kiss.  The savory smell of my own juices mingled with the aroma of his load was mind-blowing.  Dropping the control I grabbed his testicles feeling the eruption beginning.  Finding my breast Bill ran his teeth over the nipple and sucked hard.  Delicious rapture shot through my body already damp with sweat.  Wrapping my legs around him he laced his arms under me.  Arching his broad back he lifted me from the mattress as we both shot a second load of juicy jizz.

Janet thinks her husband is headed out west to do Sturgis. Yep, Bill will be doing Sturgis and I will be doing Bill.  Don’t have to thank me Janet, it’s definitely my pleasure.

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