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I bought my husband a young escort. - By Carolyn

I was in a state of shock recently when I learned that my best friend, Brooke was getting a divorce from her husband Marc! They always appeared to be hopelessly in love. Any time you saw them, they were always happy and together. But from what Brooke tells me, it seems Marc got that mid-life crisis thing and had fallen for some young thing he had met through work. Marc had left her and the kids and now he was off chasing after every young cunt that walked past him. Brooke is completely devastated.  

My husband, Ryan and I had gotten in to that same old rut that everyone does after 15 years of marriage. We would have the routine sex on the weekends and on those few special occasions. I noticed that whenever we went out, I would catch Ryan looking at younger women. You know the kind, the ones that were scantly dressed. Basically, young sluts! Sure enough I would catch Ryan leering at them and could see the bulge growing in his pants. There was no way in hell that I was going to give up my man without a fight!  

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I bought some tight young pussy for my husband

I know I am not as hot looking as when Ryan and I first married. Sure ok, I had put on a few pounds and nursing our kids had definitely caused my tits to stretch and sag, and maybe my butt was a little wider, but I still have what it takes to make Ryan happy. I’m still a hot little vixen in bed, when we found the time.

I found so many times after a long day at work or chasing after the kids, I just don’t have the energy like I used to. I began to worry that I would end up in the same boat as Brooke. But I also know a little bit more than most women my age about making their man happy.

When I was young and struggling to get through college, I took on a job as an escort. I knew that businessmen twice my age would see an escort for that short fling and they would be happy and satisfied. I made great money, going on frequent ‘dates’ during the week. I earned $100-$150 for just a quick evening in their hotel room. If they wanted more like anal, role playing or domination, then they paid me extra. It really didn’t mater to the escort service, just as long as they got their $50 booking fee and the customer was happy enough to call back or refer them to someone else

During my college years I loved sex and had all the energy in the world for it! I used to take three or four or even five referrals in a week. If plans worked out, I would meet them and earned two to three hundred dollars tax free a week. That was good money for a young college girl. On some of the ‘dates’ I even enjoyed some fancy meals and plenty of booze, so I was perfectly happy. I enjoyed it so much I kept up with the escorting for about a year after I graduated while I looked for a job. I had managed to pick up several regulars which allowed me to make even more money. Most of them were married men in their forties looking for something extra. Looking back, that was probably one of the happiest times of my life.  

My husband Ryan still thinks I have only slept with two other men before I met him, when in fact it is probably closer to 600 men. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about the good old days and all the dicks I’ve sucked and fucked. But I needed to concentrate on keeping Ryan happy and my old saggy tits were not going to keep my marriage safe if Brooke and Marc’s marriage was any indicator.

Ryan’s fortieth birthday was around the corner and I thought of a great idea to surprise him with. I sat down at my computer and logged onto the internet. I started doing searches for Escort services in our area and after searching and several e-mails later; I found a twenty year old independent escort.

I finally arranged to have her meet me at a local motel. I agreed to pay her a flat rate price of $300 an hour. I would get to watch and assist and Ryan could have anything his heart desired of her tight young body. The evening of Ryan’s surprise had arrived and I took my husband out for a simple dinner.

When it was time for desert, I told the waiter, “No, thank you, I have something different in mind.”

I paid the bill and we headed to the car. He started to get into the car to drive but I told him I wanted to drive tonight. I drove to the Hotel where I knew she was waiting for us. Ryan’s eyes lit up like stars when I pulled into the hotel complex. I knew he was thinking he was going to have some special fun with me. I parked and took Ryan directly to the room that had been paid for in advance.

I almost died when I saw Ryan’s face when he walked in and saw the young escort lying naked in the center of the bed. My husband was in a total state of shock as I took his hand and put it into hers.

I then looked at him and said, “Happy Birthday honey, this is my gift to you. You can have Angel for the evening and do with her as you wish. I know men have dreams and fantasies; all I want is your happiness and to be here with me. You can have your fun but only if I get to watch.”

While I told him, I began to unbuckle Ryan’s belt and jeans as the escort was working on his shirt. Ryan was naked and standing proud in no time at all. I caressed his bare chest one last time and slipped into the chair beside the bed and Angel began to suck on his dick. Looking at me and holding her hair he began to shove his dick into her mouth. I pointed to the girl and said, “Look at her and enjoy her, I’m here every night for you.”  

Ryan rolled Angel onto her back, climbed onto the bed and began to rub his dick up and down the slit of the tight young girl. Holding it at the opening of her pussy, he shoved his dick in. She moaned along with him as his dick disappeared into the only other pussy that he has had since we were married. He grabbed her legs pulling them up and slammed into her deep and hard. He never fucked me like that.

It made me horny watching my husband and this whore. I pulled my skirt up and began to rub my pussy through my panties while Ryan fucked someone else in front of my eyes. It was so erotic seeing him from a different angle. I could see his ass cheeks flex with power as his dick drove deep into her. He pounded her for only a minute until he looked over and saw me with my hands between my legs, cupping a tit with the other.

He stopped and told her to get on to her knees facing me. Then he looked at me, smiled and said, “Take your clothes off. I want to see you playing with your naked body as I fuck her.”

He pulled on Angel’s tit and held his dick with the other hand. It looked bigger than ever before next to the smaller younger girl. Angel spoke up, “Yeah Momma, get naked for us! Let us see you finger your pussy while your husband fucks me instead.”  

Ryan got behind Angel and shoved his dick back into her as I scurried to remove my clothes. As I removed my bra and panties, I watched Ryan’s dick plunge deep into the young tight pussy. With her tight ass up high in the air, Ryan slapped it and pried her crack open. My fingers rubbed my clit furiously. My legs were getting wobbly and I fell back into the chair right next to the bed. I placed my feet up on the arms of the chair and spread my legs wide open. I sucked my tit into my mouth and began to finger fuck my pussy like mad.

Ryan continued to fuck the escort from behind, shoving his dick deep and hard into the young girl’s cunt. Her firm C cup tits swayed back and forth just a foot or so from my face. Her mouth opened wide when she looked up at me and said, “Yes! Work your pussy, work it good.  Suddenly she moaned and screamed when an orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy convulsed around Ryan’s dick and moments later, Ryan was also cumming.

I saw that familiar Ryan ‘O’ face as he began to fill her with his cum. God I love that face. My fingers rubbed furiously and his ‘O’ face brought forth my orgasm. My pussy tingled and I began squirting. My hot cum bubbled up and out of my pussy, bringing wave after wave of pleasure.

Ryan collapsed onto the bed next to Angel and sucked her tit into his mouth. I walked around to Ryan’s side of the bed and began to stroke his dick. “Come on baby, get this thing hard again. You want to try her ass too, don’t you?” I encouraged. I sucked his nipple and felt him getting hard again. “That’s it Ryan. Where are you going to put your dick next?” I asked. His dick was growing strong in my hand. “Finger her ass baby, get it ready. Then fuck it good and hard while you can.”

My husband wet his fingers with her cunt juice and began fingering her ass. Rolling onto his side, spooning behind her, he slowly pushed his dick into her ass with several small pumps until his dick went deeper. Soon he was balls deep, his cum dribbled out from her cunt onto his balls. He rolled over onto his back pulling her on top and began to fuck her ass harder. I egged Ryan on, “You like that honey? You like me giving you young pussy?” He held her tits as he fucked her ass. I licked her nipple between his fingers. He spread his fingers apart allowing more access to her tit. I drove him crazy talking dirty to him and he moaned again, this time filling her ass with his cum. She rolled off into a heap on the bed, panting.  

I sat next to Ryan and explained that I knew he had fantasies and needs and if he wanted I would let him pick the next girl himself as long as he promised to never leave me and always have me with him when he fucked someone else. Angel rolled off the bed and quietly put on her clothes and said good night as she left. I climbed into bed with my husband. We began kissing and I held him tight and let him know that I loved him more than anything n the world. We spent the rest of the night together in the hotel and I fucked him good again the next morning after we had showered together.  

Later in the week when we were home, after the kids were in bed, I showed him the web site where I had found the escort and reminded him he could pick the next one out himself if he wanted. I also reminded him the kids were spending the weekend at there grandparents in a couple weeks. That would be his perfect opportunity for something fresh. Once again we ended up making wonderful love until the early morning hours. I think this may be just the ticket for keeping my marriage strong.

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