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I Watched My Husband Suck A Cock
I helped my husband fulfill his cock sucking fantasy. - By Paige

The scene is forever burned into my brain. I think I must have been about seven years old then. I can still see them going at it - my big brother, Luke and the little boy who lived next door. Luke was twelve, and the kid next door was ten. I absolutely idolized my big brother. It was a really hot summer day and my mother had sent me out to the garage to tell Luke it was time to come in and wash his hands for supper - and there they were. I'd never seen anything like it. Luke was bare-chested and his eyes were shut and he had his shorts down around his ankles. The kid was down on his knees in front of him on the concrete floor. He had Luke's dick in his mouth, which I thought was kinda weird. I stood glued to the spot and watched with my mouth  hanging open. I noticed I was feeling a little funny between my legs - all wet and warm and nice. And then Luke started rocking back and forth and his butt started moving, and he started making funny noises. But the best part was when he pulled his weinie out of the kid's mouth and all this white gunk shot out of it and went everywhere. I was amazed and couldn't tear myself away.  After Luke's dick squirted, it was all over, and the spell was broken. Luke pulled his pants back up and the kid went home and we went in the house and ate supper and none of us never so much as mentioned it again that summer. But I couldn't forget about it - or the way it had made me feel between my legs

I grew up and went to law school, where I met Seth. He's super intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous. I look pretty good, too - if I do say so myself. He and I have been married a little more than eleven years now. We don't have any children - and we don't want any. We're both attorneys at top firms and we're both totally committed to our careers. We put in long hours, but working this hard definitely has its perks. We're only in our early thirties, but we own an awesome loft full of cool designer furniture. It even has its own gym, which I use but Seth doesn't. We have lots of nice toys: cameras, computers, cars and stuff. We drink good wine. We travel when we can - and always first class. I guess you could say we have kind of a posh lifestyle. We deserve it. We work hard and we play hard.

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Seth and I are incredibly sexual people, and we have an extremely active fantasy life. We over-indulge ourselves in that department, too. Every once in awhile, I decide I really want to lick some pussy - so we go out and pick up some cute young thing and invite her to share our bed with us. I love the feeling of my tongue licking a shaved cunt, then shoving itself inside a hot wet pussy. I love licking and sucking big fat clits; I can literally do it for hours. I like my women with big soft titties and nice round asses. Sometimes Seth joins us, sometimes he doesn't. And sometimes he watches and jerks himself off while us ladies have a go at each other.

We went to some sort of swinger's thing a couple of months ago, but decided it really wasn't anything we wanted to do again. We had fun, for sure - but there were loads of people there - and in general Seth and I like to keep things smaller and more intimate; one-on-one. More personal is more pleasureable in my book.

One of my favorite things to do is have anonymous sex with total strangers; people I'll never see again. Again: sometimes this is something I did with Seth - and sometimes it was something I did without him. Sometimes I pretended to be a high-class hooker. Sometimes I was a no-holds-barred fuckbucket slut. Sometimes I played like I was a middle-class soccer mom type. Some of the guys I picked up were bankers, judges and stockbrokers. Some of them were accountants and mechanics. Some were artists and musicians. I picked guys up in bars, at the farmer's market, in movie theaters - you name it . . . Old guys, young guys - I didn't care as long as they were fit and looked good.

One night after Seth and I had returned home from going to the sex-toy store to buy a new vibrator, Seth confessed that he thought the counter guy at the store was kinda hot. I laughed and asked if that meant he wanted to get butt-fucked. He said no - but he'd been thinking about it lately and had decided he'd really like to suck another guy's cock. I wasn't shocked by what he said - quite the contrary. I was incredibly turned on. We had mind-blowingly incredible sex right after that - thinking about my handsome husband sucking another guy off made me so hot I came almost immediately.

The next week I was sitting in the salon, sipping champagne while I got my hair highlighted and cut. Shane had been my hair dresser for more than two years now, and we'd become sort of friends. He was extremely good-looking and flamboyant and went through men like water, and I'd nursed him through several messy break-ups in just the last month alone. Sometimes the two of us went out clubbing on weekends. He knew all the best places in town. He asked me how Seth was doing these days, so I told him about my husband's latest true confession. Shane told me he'd always thought Seth was hotter than hot, and he'd be delighted to show him the ropes. I thought it sounded good, so I agreed. And that's how the plan was born.

Seth complimented me on my hair when I got home. Shane could really get on his nerves at times, but overall, Seth liked him and the three of us got along just fine. We'd all had dinner together on numerous occasions over the past couple of years. I told him the story that Shane had told me about how he'd been to the exclusive opening of a really cool new club downtown and had picked up some tall, dark stranger and had been up fucking and sucking until sunrise, when they both passed out and woke up later and did it all again.

For the rest of the week, whenever Seth acted like he wanted to have sex, I found reasons to turn him down. The first night, I claimed I had a pounding headache. The next night, I was too tired. The night after that I said I had an important case the next morning and needed to stay up and work until way past the time when Seth had fallen asleep. So we went the whole week with no sex at all. I was having trouble handling it, so I diddled myself every morning and every evening when I was in the shower. Poor Seth was probably jerking off every day too, but he was still getting really cranky. But it was all just part of the plan Shane and I had devised . . .

After an incredibly busy work week, Seth and I went out for a nice, leisurely dinner on Saturday night, then we "just happened to drop by" the club Shane had told me about. Wow ! He hadn't been lying - this place was amazing ! Great atmosphere - excellent music - big dance floor - potent drinks - cool people; I loved it here. We were having a blast drinking and dancing when we "accidently bumped into" Shane, who was also drinking and dancing. Although he definitely had his crowd of admirers, he was doing the solo scene that night, which was a little odd for him. Shane was a real hottie. He had a fantastic body; something he was very proud of. He worked out religiously in order to stay fit. He was definitely a man magnet.

The three of us continued to drink and dance, really throwing the drinks back and working up quite a sweat. After a couple of hours of this, we were all getting a little wasted. Shane invited Seth and I to go visit his new loft. None of us were in any condition to drive, so we decided to leave the cars in the parking garage overnight and call a taxi. Shane's new place was one huge sprawling open space; lots of floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic view over the whole city; very modern. He opened a couple of bottles of champagne right away and we continued drinking while we walked around and she showed off the loft.

When we got to the part of the loft that he was using as a sleeping space, Shane set the bottles of champagne down on the night table and just threw himself down on the bed. Then he sat up and grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to him. And I reached up and pulled Seth down there with us. I was laying between the two of them, so I said I was thirsty and got up off the bed to get some champagne from the night table. I poured some in my glass and stood there sipping slowly. Nothing happened for a minute or two, then Shane rolled over and grabbed a somewhat startled Seth in a big bear hug and started laughing and licking his neck. Then it was my turn to be surprized as my husband grabbed Shane's face in his hands and planted a big wet kiss right on his lips. He was mashing his groin into Shane's. Shane grabbed Seth's ass and I could see Shane's tongue enter Seth's hungry mouth. I felt myself getting warm and wet between my legs.

Then they sat up and took their shirts off. They both had nice bodies. Shane stood up and unzipped and stepped out of his jeans and dared Seth to do the same. Seth grinned and hopped up and was out of his pants in no time flat. He pulled his boxers off, then laughed and reached over and pulled Shane's briefs down, too. They stood there smiling and facing each other until Seth suddenly dropped to his knees and took a deep breath. Then he began licking and nibbling up and down the insides of Shane's thighs. Shane sighed and reached down and grabbed the top of Seth's head. Seth took another, deeper breath and his mouth enveloped Shane's long, hard cock.

The scene before my eyes was incredibly erotic - my gorgeous husband on his knees with another gorgeous man's cock fucking his face. I was becoming incredibly aroused. I'd been rubbing my nipples for the last few minutes. They were hard now and poking through my thin cotton top. My cunt was wet and my panties were damp.  I slid my right hand up the inside of my thigh and slipped a finger under the elastic of my panties. I slid it into my eager pussy and started fucking myself.

I watched Shane's sculpted butt muscles flex as he shoved his penis into my husband's mouth and down his throat. Seth moaned and his hands gripped Shane's firm ass. Now I was fucking myself with two fingers of my right hand while I was holding my pussy lips open and diddling my clit with the fingers of my left hand. It wasn't long before I was breathing hard and moaning and cumming.

My noises must have spurred Shane on because before long, he was pumping harder and harder until he finally pulled his dick out of Seth's mouth and squirted a huge load of thick white jism all over his face and hair.

Then he got down and put Seth's cock into his mouth and started sucking it. While Seth had been sucking Shane off, his cock had gotten really hard. He was licking and sucking his balls, too. And my hot pussy was empty and wanting to be filled again, so I shoved a few fingers in and started fucking myself. Then I noticed a candle in a candle holder on the table, so I took it out and inserted it into my cunt and started rocking back and forth while I pushed the candle in and pulled it out. My cunt was slimy with my cum from a few minutes ago; I rubbed it around on my clit while I fucked myself with the candle and watched my husband get his dick sucked. I knew him well enough to know that he was getting ready to cum. I was, too. Seth shot his wad in Shane's mouth, and I collapsed onto the bed after my orgasm. We all passed out after that.

The next morning Seth fucked me while he sucked Shane off. Then we showered together and then we had brunch. After that, we all went and picked up our cars from the club's twenty-four-hour parking garage. Then Shane went back to his loft, and Seth and I went back home and fucked all afternoon while we tried to figure out which of our fantasies we wanted to live out next. I think I'd like to bring three or four women into our bed. I'd love to be surrounded by tits and asses . .  


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