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Kevin's Glory Hole Adventures
By Kevin

Like a lot of men I had always been curious about what a cock would feel like in my mouth, shooting a hot load of cum in my mouth, but never took it any farther then that, partly because I didn't know how to go about finding a cock to suck on and partly because of the gay stigma.  

I was 23, married and in the army stationed in WA. Statewhen I decided to stop at an adult book store after work. I knew my wife had to work late so there was no rush getting home. I browsed the magazine and video racks working my way to the back of the store where I noticed the entrance to the video booths. I walked back and noticed the booths didn't have doors but curtains on them, I noticed a few men hanging around as I entered a booth and dropped in a few bills. The booths didn't have seats so you had to stand and watch the movie,

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I was hard as a rock stroking my cock when this old guyabout 50 parted the curtain and peered in. I looked at him then turned towards the movie and noticed him enter out of the corner of my eye. He immediately dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock, he was good and I wanted to grab his head and ram my cock down his throat but was afraid to touch him. He stopped for a minute and asked if I liked it, I said yes but I was nervousbecause I'd never done this before. When I said that he started sucking me witha renewed effort and I came almost at once, when he felt the first squirt of cum he shoved my cock as far back as he could down his throat and left it there. I remember feeling his mustache against my skin as he tried to get every millimeter of my cock down his throat he could. He took squirt after squirt of my cum down his throat without choking, he moaned like he was the one cumming. I knew he had taken one of the biggest loads ever just from the look on his face, he was in heaven. When I was done I instantly felt guilty and quickly left,

I had wanted to try sucking his cock but never got the chance. A few weeks later the chance to stop at the book store arose again and I was leaking tons of precum on the drive there just thinking about what I was going to do. I walked straight to the video booths and saw the same guy there hanging out, I stepped into a booth and motioned him over. When he came in I didn't give him a chance to suck me, I wasn't going to miss out on this chance again, so I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it through his pants. I felt him getting hard as he backed away and unzipped them pulling out his cock. It looked to be about 7" and slim as I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, the feeling of having a stranger’s cock in my hand was unbelievable. It felt so hard yet soft at the same time as I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, the feeling was awesome better then I imagined it would be. I slid my mouth slowly over his cock head taking in every feeling of it in my mouth as I slid down as far as I could, pulled back slowly enjoying the feeling when all of a sudden he started Cumming. I didn't have a clue he was ready to cum until the first squirt of his hot cum bounced off the roof of my mouth and flooded my tongue. I was surprised and shocked by this and quickly pull his cock out of my mouth just as the second squirt hit my cheek and rolled down my chin, I continued jacking him off until he was done then quickly left.

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As I was driving away I realized I could taste cum in my mouth for the first time, I hadn't noticed before with all the excitement and it drove me to new heights of horny. I was so fucking horny, when I got home I was glad my wife was working late, I laid on the bed jacking off thinking of what had happened at the book store, and as I was about to cum I push my feet high against the wall pushing my feet above and over my head so my cock was aimed at my face, I opened my mouth waiting for the first squirt of my hot cum which pushed me over the edge , the first squirt was so powerful it shot straight into my mouth and splashed against the back of my throat and down the side of my face. I then let squirt after squirt of my own cum cover my face and drip into my mouth, dreaming it was someone else's cock covering me.

Since then I learned the secret of Glory Holes and have used them many times, sucking many different cocks and taking many loads of hot cum. I was amazed at the different variety of cocks out there, some were good some were bad and a few were great. One of the most memorable cocks was one with a huge head and small shaft, it had a cock head about 4 inches across and looked like a huge mushroom. When I went to suck it I could barely get the head in my mouth, I stretched my mouth wide and finally it popped in past my lips and filled my mouth as never before. I couldn't take much more of it into my mouth and just concentrated on sucking and running my tongue around it, I pulled it out and pushed it back into my mouth a few times just to feel it Pop back past my lips and stuff my mouth with cock head. When he came there was no place for his cum to go because every inch of my mouth was stuffed with his cock head, the first squirt went down my throat but they kept Cumming in such quick secession I couldn't keep up, soon it was running out the corners of my mouth in large globs and settling on my chin. He quit squirting and his cock head finished throbbing, I tried to pull it out of my mouth but couldn't, his cock head had swelled so much when he came it was locked in my mouth and I couldn't get it past my teeth, I felt like a dog locked together, I was almost ready to panic until I felt him quickly shrinking...I was finally was able to pull free.

The second most memorable cock wasn't so much the cock as what happened when he came. I was in a booth with a glory hole when this guy stuck his cock through, it was about 8"and fairly thick with a nice thick head. I started sucking him when he asked if he could come into my booth, I let him in and continued sucking his cock. He was loving it and I didn't want it to end so I kept pulling it out of my mouth and running my tongue around the shaft before putting it back into my mouth. He was moaning loudly now so I pull it out and started licking the underside of his cock, all of a sudden he started cumming, I felt the first jet of hot cum splash against the side of my face covering me from ear to chin, the next one filled my ear and ran down my neck, I quickly pointed it at my face and waiting mouth and took 4 or 5 more huge squirts of cum. I had never seen someone cum so much in my life, the feeling of hot cum splashing against my face and lips was so awesome I was in heaven. When it slowed and stopped I ran his rock hard cock over my face feeling the cum covering my face and spreading it around, he started apologizing figuring I was pissed off because he made a mess of me but I told him thanks and he left. I had found a new favorite cock suck hobby....Hot cum shooting on my face....since then I make it a habit to get at least one squirt on my face per cock sucking. 

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