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Chelsea's Gang Bang Farewell
My friends and I shared a drunk slut on my boat. - By Chris

I have this friend Robert that was always talking about this bitch he picked up, now his ex-girlfriend. It seems the more she drinks the hornier she gets. This was something I had to see for myself!

It all started one night out at a bar. He was the right guy at the right time and twenty minutes later he was shoving his dick in her drunken cunt the rest of the night. In fact every time she has gotten drunk since then, which is practically every night, he is fucking her. Chelsea truly is a drunken slut. She works everyday, comes home or goes out, gets drunk and fucks all night then does it all over again.

I'm Chris, Robert's best friend; we have been for years. Robert has been telling me how Chelsea who is actually pretty hot, five foot eight, nice tits, great ass, is always trying to get him to set up a threesome with one of his friends. I being his best friend of course got the call. He told me what a great fuck she was and was always ready to go if she was drunk, but her drinking was out of hand. It was time to use her and lose her. She wanted a threesome and if I was game let's do it before he cut her lose. I thought damn why the hell not and suggested we take her out on Lake Martine in my boat. Lake Martin is great because it has lots of secluded little coves and private places.

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Plans were made and Robert told me Chelsea was all excited to get some sun in a new bikini she had bought. I invited two more friends Russ and Greg. The four of us played B ball together and hung out from time to time. Robert and Chelsea arrived at the lake, when Russ, Greg and I had all ready launched the boat. We has stocked up on a few cases of Bud Lights for us and a fifth of rum and several 2 liters of coke for Chelsea.

We pushed off for the day; it was warm and sunny and Chelsea wasted no time in mixing a drink, more rum than coke! The guys drank their beer and kind of nursed them along. Drinking alcohol on the lake takes its effects rather quick. Robert and Russ both water skied around the cove and we cruised around a bit. Chelsea was on her third rum and coke by the time we got there. The girl was getting sloppy all ready and I had just capped my second beer.

Dropping the anchor to keep us from washing ashore, I cranked the tunes on the stereo and pulled off my shirt for some sun. Greg did the same and did a little dance as his shirt came off. Everyone laughed and Robert and Russ did the same thing. Chelsea was now up and dancing in her bikini, shaking and gyrating. Seeing she was getting drunk, we began to cheering her on and told her since our shirts were off, her top should be also. Without hesitation, she dropped her top, downed her rum and coke, then turned and shook her bare tits at us and went back to dancing.

Her tits were amazing! Her nipples pointed out long and hard from her small C cup tits. My dick was hard as hell and I was sure everyone else's was just as hard. Chelsea had set her drink down by Robert before she started to dance again; he picked it up, pushed his swim trunks off and poured some rum and coke on his dick. Chelsea licked her lips as Robert suggested that she might need another drink. Chelsea dropped to her knees and sucked the alcohol coated cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock all the way down to his balls then pulled her mouth off it and licked his balls and pubes clean her rum and coke.

I motioned to him as she swallowed his dick again for her glass. I pushed down my trunks and called her name. She looked over as I poured the drink on my dick. She smiled and crawled over on her knees and began sucking my dick in rare fashion. The girl could suck a dick. She had the lip and the tongue action going while her fingers and hands did the balls. It was amazing but it only lasted a minute until Russ was pouring the drink on his dick. Off she crawled to savor his dick. It was an amazing sight to watch her head bobbing up and down on his massive cock, her tits bouncing. You could hear her sucking and savoring the rum and coke.

Greg now had the glass and was dousing his dick in the rum and coke. Her attention followed the booze and her knees took her on around the boat. We passed the glass back to Robert who was grinning, his dick hard, watching the drunken whore suck off his friends. He whistled at her like a dog, “Hey baby, your drink is over here,” as he poured more over his dick. Chelsea got up to walk over to him. I mentioned to her she was the only one with trunks on. She just smiled eyeing all the hard dicks, and wiggled her ass as she pushed her bikini bottoms to the boat deck, revealing her puffy bald pussy and went back to Robert and started to suck him off again.

He slowly dripped a little more rum and coke on his stomach so it ran down to the base of his dick where she hungrily sucked it off as she swallowed his dick. Russ was now behind her rubbing her ass, sliding a finger up and down the crack. His fingers sank in further until he was parting the lips of her cunt. She sucked Robert harder and raised her ass to allow more access for Russ. Seizing the opportunity he shoved two fingers deep into her cunt. You could hear her moan around the dick in her mouth. She reached around her back and grabbed the leg behind her pulling Russ closer. He knew what to do; he removed his fingers and shoved his dick home into her wet cunt. Her head pushed forward, her nose buried into the base of Roberts's dick.

Wrapping her hand around the base of his dick for support she started to suck him harder as Russ pounded her cunt from behind. This slut was possessed and wiggled her ass begging for the dick in her cunt as he shoved in and out of her. Robert let out a loud moan and started to flood her mouth with his cum. She sucked and swallowed his load but when she finally pulled off his dick some cum slipped from the corner of her mouth and dribbled onto her tit. Russ continued to fuck her cunt, holding her hips he let out his own growl and pumped his seed deep in the recesses of her pussy.

Greg was moving in as Russ pulled free. He rolled her over onto her back on the bench seat beside me at the back of the boat, spreading her legs and started to pound her pussy with his dick. His dick was the largest one here and Chelsea knew it. Her legs spread wide open for him. She looked down and watched his dick slide in and out of her cunt, pulling some of Russ's cum out as he pistoned in and out of her. She reached down and fingered her cunt, smearing his cum around it; her body rocked with her legs high in the air. His finger worked her clit as Greg held her ankles as he stuffed his dick in and out of her cunt. She moaned and began to shake and rock as her orgasm rocked her body.

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Kneeling on my knees I fed her my dick. Her mouth opened and swallowed it as Greg continued his assault on her cunt. His dick stretched her sloppy cunt as he pistoned in and out of her little hole. Thrusting in deeply, his face contorted and he flooded the insides of her cunt. She was still fingering her clit; her body acted as if it were in a continual state of orgasm. Pulling his dick out, Greg looked down and smiled, “Quick hand me her glass!” Robert handed it to him and Greg was quick enough to catch his thick cum as it flowed like a river from her stretched pussy. “Here Chelsea, want another drink?” and handed the glass of rum and coke and his cum to the slut. She drank it down not knowing the contents as her boyfriend replaced Greg's dick in her pussy.

He called her a fucking cum slut and fucked her hard. Her tits were bounced as she hungrily sucked on my dick. I fucked her mouth holding her head shoving my dick as deep as it could go. I guess I was gagging her some but didn't really care because I was getting mine. I felt the all familiar feeling in my dick. My balls twitched, my dick expanded. I shoved it deep like you always do before you cum and erupted deep inside her. My dick let lose a torrent of cum like I cannot remember. It flooded her throat and mouth, gagging her. She convulsed and squeezed my dick. I saw her face turn blue and pulled out, still cumming coating her chin and tits.

As soon as my dick came out, cum and coke came out following it. The drunken cunt was puking all over my boat. Her pussy clamped down on Roberts dick and soon he was filling her pussy also. She was gagging and coughing and rolled off the seat to keep from choking, pulling free of Robert, onto her hands and knees she continued to puke all over the floor of my boat making an awful mess. She collapsed onto the deck and passed out. It was an awful mess; she had managed to vomit on all of us. We jumped into the water to wash off and then dumped bucket after bucket of lake water on the deck to clean off all her cum and coke.

We drank a couple more beers as she slept it off awhile. Thinking it was time to head back we decided to put her into the lake to wash her off because she was still a mess. The guys lowered her to down to Robert and myself as we held her afloat to keep her from drowning. I was in front of her and Robert in back; the warm water brought her to consciousness. Drunk and a true slut, she wrapped her legs around me, instantly hard my dick worked its way into her cunt. It was hot as hell and the water made it feel completely different than any pussy I had ever fucked. I wasn't twenty thrusts into her floating body before she was cumming hard on my dick. Soon enough I was filling her cunt just like my friends had earlier. She again passed out, my dick still buried in her cunt, her head on my shoulder. We lifted her back on the boat and each took turns fucking her one more time while she remained passed out. We then headed back to the dock while she slept off her drunk.

Robert come to me a week later informing me he had dumped Chelsea. But at least we got to take her for a nice boat ride.

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