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Jade's Forbidden Fantasies
A bored mom shares secrets and pictures. - By Jade


Beth, I have recently had my own naughty experience that I wanted to share with you and your readers.

Once my son goes to bed, I breathe a sigh of relief, break out my laptop, and meet up with my special friends. There was a time when I was completely enamored with my husband Dennis, and I wouldn’t even look at another man—well maybe look, and have a fantasy or two, but I never did anything about it—however, that all changed this year when Dennis started working second shift at the factory.

I have two grown sons from a previous marriage named Jacob and Matthew. Jacob is 21 and away at college, and Matthew, my nineteen-year-old, is living with us while he attends a technical school in town. He pretty much keeps to himself, but I often wonder if he knows about my secret night activities.

Once night when I was home, Dennis was off to work, and Matthew was already in bed, I started missing Jacob so I set to cleaning out his room. I was going through the few things he left behind when I found these sheets of notebook paper curled up in the back of a drawer. I uncurled them and recognized his handwriting, so I began reading.

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It was a story he had written—maybe true, maybe not—about how he had met an older woman in a bar when he was just eighteen years old. He even commented that the woman reminded him of his mother. She had olive skin and huge knockers just like his mom. In the story, this woman took him back to her place. They started kissing, and then she told him to lie back so she could suck his cock. Of course, he followed her orders. She sucked him hard and in a steady rhythm—the best cock-sucking he had ever experienced—and he let her know it.

“I’ve been sucking cock since you were sucking you mommy’s titties,” she said.

In the story, Jacob tells her how she reminds him of his mother—me. She tells Jacob to call her mommy as she fucks him and forces her tits in his mouth. She makes him get up and slap her ass while he screams, “Fuck me, mommy!” He plunges his dick between her legs and screams, “Fuck me mommy!” Then he tells her he is going to cum. She jumps off his dick fast enough to turn around, face his cock, and take his man juice into her mouth.

“Cum in mommy’s mouth,” she says, and he does, all over her slutty face. In his own writing, he describes this night as one of the best of his life.

Sitting in my son’s room, reading his homemade porn should have made me uncomfortable, but instead I was hotter than I had been in a long time. I began to rub my crotch softly, and I got wet. With my younger son snoring in the room next to me, I leaned back and gave myself a good finger-fucking—a gift I hadn’t given myself in a long time.

My husband Dennis is great. We have a good life in Tyler, Texas, and he treats my sons as if they were his own, helping them pay for college and improve themselves, but the truth is that the thing that brought Dennis and me together was sex. We met at a bar when we were both newly divorced, and the night we met, we went home and fucked. We were two lonely, horny people that needed to cum. Now, we’re good partners. Dennis is incredible to talk to, but I still have that urge to go out, find someone strange, and fuck him. I don’t want to jeopardize anything I have with Dennis, so I’ve decided to fulfill my horny side in another way. I’ve begun to use my laptop as a way to fantasize having sex with other men.

Sometimes I just feel like making up a fantasy and living it out with some random stranger. When I started looking on the Internet for people who wanted to fantasize, I searched “fucking my mom” because Jacob’s story was still fresh in my mind. Google took me to some site for extreme fucking, which is where I met the guys that I like to call my special friends.

In the chatrooms, I met a few guys who I had cybersex with. I never knew what the big deal was—as far as I could tell, cybersex was just masturbation, but some of the guys in this site really knew how to type to a woman. One guy, Eddie, persuaded me to buy a web cam and a microphone so that he could watch me rub my clit while he talked to me. He liked to encourage me as I jacked off.

“Can you get your fingers all wet with pussy juice? How many fingers can you fit in there?” he asked.

I pointed the camera to my vag and stuffed four fingers into my snatch.

“That’s my girl,” he said.

I had all sorts of fantasies. Sometimes I imagined that Dennis would break through the door and see me with my laptop on the coffee table as I lie on the couch pleasuring myself to the sound of some stranger’s voice. One time, Eddie asked me what I fantasized about. I watched my monitor as he unzipped his pants and took his big cock into his hand.

One reason I liked Eddie was that he was married too. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and his wife worked second shift—just like Dennis. We had a lot in common. But I didn’t know if he would understand about my fuck fantasy. Ever since I found that note in Jacob’s room, I could not get it out of my imagination. I explained to Eddie that my son’s porn turned me on.

“What is it about?” he asked as he squirted lotion on his cock and began jacking off.

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I started stroking my breasts and squeezing them together between my arms. Eddie said his wife had A cups, and my tits gave him an instant hard-on.

“It was about fucking his mommy,” I explained.

I sat back and started rubbing my clit.

“You want to fuck your sons?” Eddie asked me.

“After reading that letter,” I began to say, but I couldn’t finish.

“Say it,” Eddie prodded as he beat his dick off. “You want to fuck your son.”

His words sent a hot wave of euphoria through me.

“It’s true,” I said and looked directly into the camera, pressing my tits together for his enjoyment. “I want to fuck my son. I want to feel my son’s rock-hard dick inside his mommy’s cunt.”

Eddie started beating himself harder and faster. I rubbed my own wet vag and wondered if Matthew could hear these things I was saying. He never commented to me about it, but that didn’t mean anything. I told Eddie that Matthew was listening, jerking off in his bedroom while his mother cyberfucked some stranger in Arizona. After a few more words about me and my son, Eddie blew his load all over his web cam. I watched the sticky goo slide right down the inside of my screen. Eddie wiped it off quickly.

“If I sent you a plane ticket, would you come to Phoenix and fuck me for real?”

I got the chills at this request. I had only fantasized about cheating on Dennis. I had never actually done it. I told Eddie I would think about it, but I could not say for sure. The next day, I checked my email in the morning and an e-ticket was waiting for me—a round trip ticket to Arizona—all I had to do was click. I hesitated. Could I really do this? Then I said, fuck it, and clicked the link. I was thirty-nine years old and still had a lot of fucking to do. Why shouldn’t I go meet Eddie? He had a wife. I had a husband. This was just a little harmless fantasy.

The ticket was for a date that was over a week away, so every night when Matthew went to sleep and Dennis went to work, I started fantasizing about my trip with Eddie. I’d read dirty stories on the site and then find Eddie in the forums. He was excited too. We planned to meet at the Super 8 and spend the weekend there. His wife would be out of town, but I still had to come up with a story to tell Dennis.

Over lunch the next afternoon, my friend Sandra asked me why I was so distracted. I had never told her about my evenings spent with my special friends, but I started slowly.

“I talk to this guy online,” I told her. She jumped right in to the conversation. It seems that she was “talking” to some guys online too. She was even familiar with the site where I met Eddie. When I told her that I was going to meet Eddie, however, her eyes grew wide, and her mouth dropped open.

“What are you going to tell Dennis?” she asked, and I admitted that I did not know. She ordered a bottle of wine and over the next hour, we got loaded and concocted a story. We were going to tell Dennis that I had to go visit Jacob at school.

The plan went off without a hitch, and on the weekend I was to leave, Dennis even gave me a ride to the airport! I was so horny on the flight, I had duck into the bathroom and rub my clit to relax. At the airport, I took a cab to the Super 8, and knocked on the door of Room 17.

Eddie answered the door wearing a smile and nothing else. He held a glass of champagne in his hand. I walked into the hotel room and looked around. He shut the door and asked me what I was waiting for.

“Let me see those tits,” he said.

I put down my luggage and pulled off my tight t-shirt, revealing my big bra-less tits. Without missing a beat, he walked over and kissed my nipple, letting the tip of his tongue linger there, flicking my nip.

“You taste just like my fantasies,” he said.

“You wanna fuck?” I asked.

He unzipped my pants, pushed them down to my knees, and pressed that huge cock of his against my crotch. Suddenly I realized how wet I was.

We went over to the bed and he asked me to bend over so he could doggie-fuck me. I did just as he said. After I bent over, it wasn’t long before he pushed his giant cock into my slit and started pumping. He was bigger than Dennis, I realized immediately. I thought of Dennis at home with Matthew, and I got even more excited.

“How is that, mommy?” Eddie asked. “Am I fucking you good?”

“Fuck me harder, Jacob,” I encouraged him. He pulled his dick out and told me to flip over.

“Stand up and shake those big tits for me,” he pleaded. I kneeled on the bed and pressed my knockers together between my arms.

“Those tits are fucking beautiful,” he said.

I leaned back and let him bury his head in my cleavage. He asked if he could fuck my tits and I let him, sucking on the tip of his dick as it popped out between the top of my tits. He watched my tits like a hawk, and he kept asking, “How’s that, mommy? How’s that mommy?”

“You’re a good boy, Jake,” I said. When I called him by my son’s name, he could no longer hold back. He lost his load all over my tits.

“Jesus, I’ve been waiting for that a long fucking time,” he said.

“Well, I hope you got more of that, ‘cause I’m just getting started,” I said. He wiped off his dick with a hotel towel and asked if I wanted to take a shower after my flight. In the bathroom, Eddie turned on the water, and we both got in to the tub. After washing all of the cum off the both of us, he had me hold onto the wall as he fucked me up the ass.

I told him I had never been ass-fucked before.

“Jakey’s gonna show you all kinds of new ways to fuck,” he said.

I got chills. Every time he called himself Jake or me mommy, my fantasy was real. Jacob’s story came to life. Every time I showed him my tits, he buried his head between them and enjoyed. Eddie talked me into taking a bunch of nude pictures.  I felt like such a slutty girl posing for him.  I send you a few of the better shots.

After a weekend full of fucking, sucking, and making our fantasies real, Eddie went back to his wife, and I boarded a plane back to Texas.

Dennis picked me up at the airport and asked how my trip had been. He said I looked so refreshed.

“How was Jacob?” Dennis asked.

He was great,” I said with a smile. “Mind-blowingly good,” I told him.

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