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The Camping Trip
Two couples get naughty in a camper. - by: Lee

   I hated camping.  I really did.  But Tom and Justin insisted we take an annual trip to the woods, mostly in retaliation for Sarah and me dragging them to the theatre once a year in an attempt to cram some culture into their thick skulls.

   Considering the fart jokes currently being exchanged between them, it had been a vain attempt.  Sarah looked at me and rolled her eyes in commiseration.  She hated camping even more than I did.  The woman was lost without a hair dryer.

   “Cheer up, Lee,” Tom said and gave me a sock on the arm.  “At least you don’t have to sleep on the ground this year.”

   Justin and Sarah had purchased the huge, four-door truck we currently rode in, as well as a large, ancient camper shell that seemed determined to tip the truck over each time we rounded a corner.  Frankly, the thought of being trapped inside the metal box was not much more appealing than being stuck inside a canvas tent, except that it would probably provide more of a barrier against bears and mountain lions.  And hopefully spiders.

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   “We did bring a tent, though,” Sarah added.  “In case you two want some privacy.”  She winked at me and went on, “Although we don’t mind if you decided to get busy in the camper.”

   “We’ll keep you warm,” Justin added suggestively.

   “Really warm,” Sarah said and laughed.  I grinned, but blushed uncomfortably.  We had known Justin and Sarah for years, but I had never gotten used to them joking about swinging and foursomes and orgies.  I knew they had never done anything like that, but from the way they talked, I thought they were probably open to it.

   “Justin can’t keep his hands away from my ass,” Tom joked.

   “That’s because it’s such a nice ass, Tom,” Justin replied.

   “Almost as nice as yours, baby,” Tom told him huskily.  I giggled, but my throat was getting dry.  My boyfriend and his best friend had been making sexual innuendos at each other for years, but lately the jibes seemed to have an undercurrent of truth.  Or maybe I was just becoming more interested in the idea of a foursome.  It was Justin’s fault.

   Justin had always been slightly pudgy, until six months ago.  He had left his boring desk job for something that kept him outdoors.  As a result, he had lost every bit of excess poundage, gained an astonishing amount of muscles, and acquired a gorgeous tan.  In essence, Justin had become officially hot.

   Sarah was ecstatic.  Sometimes I thought Tom was, too.  My Tom had always been hot, due to his obsession with fitness.  He went to the gym three times a week, and ran every other day.  I usually joined him at the gym, although I preferred to swim rather than use the equipment.

   Sarah was one of those annoying people who stayed thin even while eating astounding quantities of junk food.  If I ever woke up one morning and found I’d gone lesbian during the night… we’ll, I wouldn’t kick Sarah out of bed.

   After another hour of bouncing over the dirt road that barely qualified as such, we arrived at a small clearing that Justin proclaimed to be our campsite.  The boys scrambled to grab their fishing poles and ran down to the nearby stream, hoping to catch some disgusting, slimy trout.

   Sarah and I were left with the mundane chores, such as setting up the camp tables, lawn chairs, and mini-grill.  It was late afternoon, so we gladly cracked open the rum and Coke in order to deaden the camping experience.  The boys had taken a case of beer to the creek, like getting a good start on their own camping drunkenness.

   Sarah managed to build a fire, to my utter astonishment.  I gave her a delighted hug, laughing giddily.  She hugged me back and kissed my neck, employing a large amount of tongue action while she did so.  It surprised me, but did not bother me, for some reason.  I giggled.

   Justin and Tom returned, fishless, thank god, while Sarah and I were cooking burgers.  We laughed at them for being lousy providers and showed off Sarah’s superior firemaking skills.  After we ate and cleaned up (burning the paper plates in the fire), we roasted marshmallows and made sticky smores.  Tom insisted on licking the marshmallow and chocolate goo from my lips, which gave me fits of giggles on top of turning me on.

   Sarah dripped some chocolate on her boobs, which were barely covered by the skimpy tank top she wore, and Justin dove after it like a starving man.  He did not stop at the chocolate, though, and soon was sucking erotically at Sarah’s breasts, which were now blatantly exposed.

   “Jesus,” Tom said, watching them.  The sight was turning me on, too, seeing Justin kneeling between Sarah’s legs and working her nipples with his tongue.

   I blame the alcohol for the impulse that caused me to yank off my shirt.  I had not bothered with a bra.  Tom quickly left his chair and mimicked Justin with a chuckle.  I put my hands into Tom’s thick hair.  I sneaked a glance at Sarah, to find Justin’s hands busy tugging her shorts off.  She still wore her blue tank top, although it was bunched up under her breasts.  I bit my lip as Justin pulled her shorts over her sneakers.  Sarah spread her legs and I felt a flash of lust that was fueled by Tom’s teeth tugging on my nipples.

   Justin buried his face in the curls between Sarah’s legs and I felt Tom unzip my jean shorts.  I moaned, suddenly needing Tom to do the same thing to me that Justin was doing to Sarah.  I couldn’t drag my eyes away from my friends.  Tom had just set my shorts aside when I felt the first drops of wetness on my chest.

   “Oh shit, it’s raining!” I cried.  At that moment, the sky opened up and the rain began in earnest.  Sarah squealed.  We all leaped up and ran for the camper.  Sarah and I climbed in first.  Once inside the dark confines, I felt a bit self-conscious, being naked but for sneakers and socks.  I bumped into Sarah, and felt her grab my hand.

   “Climb into the bed,” she said.  “We can’t all fit in the doorway.”  I kicked my shoes off and clambered up onto the bed, which took up most of the camper.  A moment later, Sarah landed on top of me and I gasped at the feel of her bare skin against mine.

   “Better hurry up, guys,” she said.  “We’re starting without you.”  I felt her mouth fasten over one of my nipples and her hand slid over the curve of my ass.  I was shocked, but it felt damned good, too, especially when she pushed her fingers into my vagina and let her thumb press into my clit.  I moaned.

   Sarah’s hands left as she rolled aside to make room for one of the guys.  It was dark enough that I couldn’t tell which one.  When the cock pressed against my wet pussy, I didn’t care, either.

   “Do you mind, Tom?” Justin asked, and my boyfriend said, “Not if she doesn’t.”

   The cock rammed into me and I knew that it was Justin from the different feel of it.  I reached up to touch his hard shoulders, and sensed Tom moving over Sarah next to me.  I giggled.

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   “You guys finally got your foursome,” I said.

   “It’s about time,” Sarah replied, and made a moaning sound that suggested Tom was moving inside her.  The idea turned me on, even as I felt Justin pull out and hammer back into me.  He was rougher than Tom, which was just fine.  I pushed my hips up to meet him, and listened to Sarah moan and whimper next to me.  She was vocal, and included instructions, such as harder, faster, and oh yes, like that.

   The whole camper was rocking, and Tom and Justin seemed to find the same rhythm.  We were in a frenzy of fucking for a while, and Sarah got louder and louder.  I would have laughed, but the building orgasm took all my concentration.  I came before Justin did, adding my own shriek to Sarah’s before Justin shuddered against me.

   The others must have come, also, for it was suddenly quiet and still, but for the sound of labored breathing.  I waited for the feelings of awkwardness and guilt, but before my sluggish mind could catch up, Sarah said, “While you guys recover, I’m going to occupy myself with Lee.  Feel free to watch.”

   Justin was pushed aside and I felt a tongue brush over my sensitive clit.  A small light suddenly came on in the corner, and I blinked against the brightness before arching into Sarah’s mouth.  She sucked hard on my clit, sending another orgasm rocking through me.

   “Fuck, that’s hot,” I heard Tom say and Justin chuckled.

   “Sarah’s talented with her tongue,” Justin said.

   “You’re next, Tom,” Sarah added and sucked again.

   I shuddered and moaned, “You’re in for a treat, Tom.”

   My boyfriend grinned and I wondered why we had never done the foursome thing before.  Our friends were amazing.  And camping was great.

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two couples get naughty in a camper

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